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My “GIVING BACK” Promotion for Military Families


I just wanted to let everyone know, again, that I am continually giving free Portraits to those in the Military and their loved ones.

The first free portrait sitting is my continuing “Military Family Portrait” program (There is no expiration date). I will create a free immediate-family portrait for any member of the US armed forces who is currently on active duty (temporary active duty as with the Guard or Reserves, or regular active duty). The portraits are taken in or around Southern Florida/ Florida Keys. I am willing to travel outside of the Keys for a fee, of course.

  • This free offer includes one 8×10-inch fine art print as well as two 5×6 fine art prints. Prints are ready for framing along with the same image on a compact disc with a copyright license so that the family can make as many additional copies for personal use as they desire.
  • The second free offer is our “They Also Serve” program. This program is from now through December 1, during which we will create a free portrait on a compact disc of the immediate family of military members deployed overseas. Again, the family will have a copyright license permitting them to make copies, send the image by e-mail, etc., for their personal use.

Also, If you are a Military Bride/Wife and would like some beautiful boudoir photographs for your husband overseas, send me an email. I also shoot maternity photographs for those of you expecting.

These offers are limited to one of each per family. While schedules may be tight, we can usually make short-notice arrangements for soldiers who are home on leave.

We ask only for permission to use the photograph for our own displays, such as on this web site or other promotional displays, but we hold all client information in strict confidence. Permission to display the portraits is not a requirement for this service—we will still provide it to any family that does not wish their portrait to be displayed.

If you are in the Service or the Wife / Husband of someone in the military, I would be honored to photograph you and your family.

This is MY WAY of honoring all that you do for our freedom.

It’s my way to say THANK YOU ALL for your dedication and service to our country.

I look forward to meeting with you and your families!

Call and book today!

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Bob + Michelle

Bob and Michelle should be locals. They are avid divers and try to come here as often as they can. I too am a diver, actually a dive instructor, ( if any of you want to get married underwater or need to get certified) and I was introduced to them by Brenda Cockrell. When I was talking to Michelle she really didn’t want anything spectacular. Just a small wedding at a local restaurant called Sundowners. So she bought the small package. We then spoke about diving and who she knows and of course she knows our good friends Ann and Darrell who own Island Ventures here in Key Largo. Of course, right next to Sundowners Restaurant. How convenient! As the few guests arrive, I know pretty much all of them. That’s a small town for ya. Of course they were all divers including Ann the owner of Island Ventures. Darrell, her husband, was back in Texas (yep they are fellow Texans as well) and couldn’t make it. Anyway… these are a few of images that she wanted me to take… oh and did I mention that it was raining!  So no sunset pictures and we had to work around the weather and the people dining at the restaurant. In a few pictures you will see people in the background eating at the tables. I think they enjoyed the wedding too while eating their meals! Too funny! Loved it!

In the end they both were very happy and everyone had a great time.

I just spoke with them both again and was wondering when they would be returning to go diving. I had promised I would take them out the next time they were in town. Well it won’t be for awhile, Michelle is pregnant! I can’t wait to take pictures of them with their new little one in tow. I did tell Michelle she can bring the baby and I will babysit while they go and get a few dives in! Congrats to you both Bob and Michelle! See you next time in the water!

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The Charles Buckles Family Benefit

Hey Guys and Gals. On Feb 21st at the Pilot House (for those of you who
are local know where) there will be a benefit for the Buckles Family of
Key Largo, Florida. Charles Buckles lost his life on January 1 when he
became a hero and saved the life of his 6 year old son Christian and
wife Michelle. They were crossing the main road (US1) when his son’s
…new bicycle he got for Christmas got stuck, I believe on his pants leg,
while crossing the street. A car was heading straight for them and
apparently not slowing down. He shoved both of them out of the road and
then was struck by the car and lost his life, all while his family
looked on. Its a terrible tragedy, and I think about them often. Its
such a sad story, and the community has come together to help rally up
funds for his wife and child. Anyway, I’m going to donate 2 of my
pictures printed on canvas. One is going to be at the auction at the
Benefit and the other I’m auctioning off on here. I’m asking all of my
friends on Facebook, if your interested in helping out, then please
send me a message on my website www.MichaeLens.com or on this page
itself. I’m trying to think of the easiest way to have an actual
Auction on FB. What I’m thinking is that I’ll post the picture to be
auctioned off and then you can post comments on what your bid is
underneath. I just wanted to post this first, and see if I could
generate any interest and then I’ll pick out which picture I will
auction off on here. If you just want to donate, you can let me know
privately at my email. (Micha@Michaelens.com)

Thank you all for your help, I’m sure any donation received will be an incredible help for the Buckles Family.

thank you all in advance. 🙂 I have awesome friends!

Click here for Auction

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